Post Production

Video Editing


Once we have the video materials, we begin to give a shape to the video, by removing unwanted footage, choosing the best ones, creating a flow, adding special effects, graphics, music and much more. This is the “wow” part of the video 🙂

Color correction


In order to adjust the color we use color gels and filters. By correcting the colors, we intend to alter the the overall color of the light, giving the right temperature that fits your purpose. Everything is designed for your needs.

Color Grading


After every frame required is done, it follows to deal with the frames, with improved visual effects and sound, enhancing the color, as appropriate until the product reaches the final ideal form. Because you deserve the best quality.



Visual special effects


We’ve all seen special effects. And everytime we, humans, analize and judge it, if it was a great one, a good one, bad or the worse. Is there a place you wish to shoot, but is to dangerous or expesive to go? Let’s make it look realistic 🙂 with visual special effects.



The importance of sound in a recording is higher that it may seem. The right soundtrack can make you live a moment to it’s best. You want that in your videos, right? Watchers to be absorbed by the glorious sound? We know the way to get there 🙂

Sound design


50% of a movie is based on sounds, right? It’s an important process in which we specify, manipulate or generate the audio elements that your movie needs. We reproduce all kind of sounds, making them seem so real, that people will actually have doubts, concerning the their reality

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