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2016 was a really interesting year for us. It was a busy year with a lot of productions and two of them there will be screened at TIFF16. This post is dedicated to these two films. Continue Reading..

In the last year (and now I mean a little bit more than 2016, with a few months from 2015) we’ve produced several films here at Hola Media, from shorts to feature. And we are not planning to stop here. We want to do more because we can do so much more than what we did last year.Continue Reading..

I know you probably heard me before saying that we are going to make weekly blog posts regarding what we do and every time we didn’t. Well, it’s not that we don’t want to…or I don’t want that, but we always find something “more important” to fill our time with. Sometimes it’s work, other times it’s family (this doesn’t actually counts, because family is first no matter what) and we managed somehow not to post for huge periods of time.

The thing is, how are we seen by others on the internet reflects on us and this blog, it’s not quite what we wanted when we launched our website.  This time, I am not going to say that we will write a new blog post every week, or twice a week, or whatever, we are just going to write them and release them online whenever we are doing something interesting. Oh…and believe me when I say interesting I mean it.
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So, in few words, if you made a film and you need a post-production team (or you are developing one), you might wanna write us or give us a call, because we have an incredible team ready for your project.
We can deal with fast turnaround delivery times, and also great prices for you.


For enquiries please write us:

Revenim cu noi vești, pline de umor! 🙂

Începând de astăzi, 1 aprilie 2015, o zi numa’ bună de amuzament, s-a lansat o nouă emisiune, care își propune să vă facă să zâmbiți. Iar apoi să râdeți. Iar apoi să spuneți: “Vai, dar de unde a mai scos și vorba asta?”

Iar noi, cu mândrie spunem că emisiunea este o producție pură HOLA Media!

Este vorba despre o cronică de film cu conținut ridicat de umor. Nerecomandat mâhniților! Este prezentată de Tibi Codorean, așa, în stilul lui propriu.

Așadar, fie că este vorba despre un film bun sau unul mai slăbuț, întotdeauna vor exista elemente numai bune să fie prezentate într-un mod hilar de către Tibi.

Primul episod vizează filmul “Focus”, cu Will Smith în rolul lui Nicky, un maestru al înșelăciunilor, care se îndrăgostește de o tipă sexi. În mijlocul celei mai elaborate escrocherii a lui Nick, ea vine și-i dă planurile peste cap… Sau nu?

Vă lăsăm să urmăriți și să vă dați cu părerea 🙂

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blmuzFcQbX0&feature=youtu.be&a

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