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About US


A few things you should know about us

About us

We are a young but experienced team that’s not afraid to take on challenges and bring crazy ideas and beautiful stories to life.

Hola Media was founded in 2007 in Transylvania, one of the most photographic regions in Romania.
Driven by pure passion and sometimes even recklessness, we managed to create a welcoming medium for film industry, covering a wide range of development, production and post-production services for Cinema.

Ever since 2014, Hola Media has had its own complete post-production facility, being able to deliver materials at high standards in what regards image and sound.

Our team brings freshness to every film project that we agree to produce, but also takes care of the production needs, as we provide a wide range of services for your film. We cover everything from location
scouting to building sets, costumes, make-up, visual effects and, of course, building up the crew.

We are now developing our own projects, so we are currently seeking financial backup. This aspect, however, will not hold
us back and we are going further with our projects. Our TV-series film project is in
full development and we are going to shoot the pilot this year.
If you are travelling around Transylvania, feel free to drop by our headquarters for a nice cup
of tea.


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The team

Horatiu Curutiu


In a world where everything is unpredictable, you need a warrior to keep it all together! For Horatiu, CEO doesn’t stand for Chief Executive Officer , it stands for „the Calculated Eagle-eyed Omniscient”: The creator of impossible ideas. (with a little team help)

Andreea Curutiu


She’s the one who tempers all of us. Always assures that every job is going to end well as well for the client but also for our team. A real problem solver.

Adrian Cosarca

Video Editor/Sketch Artist

He might be quiet on the outside, but there`s a lot of art and creativity screaming inside his head.

Laurentiu Curutiu

Lighting Guru/Photographer

Selftaught photographer, lighting specialist, he is all into light. Light is everything we see.

Radu Mihai Pop

Camera operator/Senior video editor

I believe that world is about imagining things. Whithout imagination, everything is dull and grey.

Dominic Curutiu

Junior Creative

I am a professional Lego buidler and this skills are needed on every set.

Cataleya Curutiu

Pixie dust keeper fairy

All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust

Alin Barbir

Camera Operator/Assistant Director

Sometimes all our words are inadequate for the burden of our hearts. Instead he loves to create stories through images. Ad astra!..he might say..

Cristian Pascariu


The most import thing for him is how to add a new approach to an established genre; thus he experiments as much as possible with everything that involves images and video.

Tommy Turos

Head of Sales/Cinematographer

What do you get when you mix race cars, drones, explosive enthusiasm and a trombone? A Tommy, that’s what. The only thing he loves more than fast action, good music and a good laugh is his wife. The apex of contradiction, mixing adventure with stability.

Alexandru “Ivan” Ursulean

Video editor

He doesn’t have any definite meaning, because the meaning is continuously created (or repressed). He is the story he tells himself, but he never tells that story. Meanwhile, let him be abstract, fragile and smart.

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